Introducing “Share A Trade”

At Tradelytic, we’re constantly pushing the boundaries to bring forward tools and features that make your trading experience effective and engaging. Today, we’re thrilled to introduce our newest addition: “Share A Trade”.

What is “Share A Trade”?

Drawing inspiration from popular Crypto Platforms, we’ve realized the immense potential of allowing traders to share their accomplishments, strategies, and analyses with the broader community. With “Share A Trade”, you can now transform your trades into visually appealing JPEG snapshots, primed and ready for social media sharing.

Why You’ll Love “Share A Trade”

  1. Visualize Your Success: Turn your trades into attractive, easy-to-digest visuals. Whether it’s a proud achievement or an analytical breakdown, a picture speaks a thousand words.
  2. Engage & Educate: Sharing your trades allows you to engage with peers, get feedback, or even educate newcomers in the Forex trading arena. Showcase your strategies and discuss what worked (or what didn’t)!

How Does It Work?

  1. Select Your Trade: Go to your Trading Log section and find your trade.
  2. Generate JPEG: With a single click, transform your trade details into a stunning visual format.
  3. Share Away: Directly post to your favourite social media platform!

Join the Revolution!

Trading is not just about numbers and charts; it’s about community, learning, and growth. By sharing your trades, you’re showcasing your achievements and contributing to a larger dialogue about trading strategies, trends, and lessons.

So, the next time you lock in that perfect trade or want to share an insightful analysis, remember, the world is just a “Share A Trade” away from seeing it!

Get started today, and let’s make trading more social, one share at a time.

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