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Five Reasons Why Our Forex Trading Journal Can Benefit You TODAY!

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    Improved Decision-Making: Aids in analyzing past trades to refine decision-making processes.

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    Emotional Awareness and Management: Helps in recognizing and regulating emotional impacts on trading.

  • 3

    Performance Analysis: Allows for evaluating and adjusting trading strategies based on past outcomes.

  • 4

    Accountability and Discipline: Encourages adherence to trading plans and fosters disciplined trading.

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    Learning and Growth: Facilitates learning from successes and mistakes, promoting continual improvement.

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Customiable And Responsive Overview

Tradelytic’s Advanced Trading Journal Features Deliver Sharp Focus Where it Matters Most

Intuitive Analytics Dashboard

Get an eagle eye on your trading process, complete with insights and reports.

  • Auto-import Your Trades
  • Open Trades Displayed
  • Automatic Price Tracking
  • Interactive Charts
  • Custom Templates
  • Multi-currency Options
  • Monthly Calender
  • Track Commissions & Fees

Fine Tune Your Trading

Detailed Reports & Analysis: Unlocking Profitable Opportunities from Your Decisions & Data

Advanced Reports

Track Trends, P&L, Returns, Risks, Psychology, and Every Facet of Your Trading Journey

  • Psychology
  • Risk
  • Trading Strategy
  • Drawdown
  • Instruments
  • Custom
  • Duration
  • Compare

Share & Strategise

Tradelytic’s Extensive Trade Journal Gives You Sharing & Strategy Options To Imrpove Your Trades

Share Your Trades

Log your progress for the benefit of the trading community.

  • Share Your Trades
  • Total Privacy
  • Strategise Smarter

our education & Webinars

You've Found Mistakes In Your Trading, Now Lets Fix Them!


Risk Management 101

This course delves into the principles and strategies of effective risk management, including setting stop-loss orders, understanding leverage, and diversifying portfolios...


Forex Beginners Course

Designed to equip new traders with the fundamentals of the Forex market. This course covers key concepts such as currency


Live Trading With Special Guest

Our special guest a renowned figure in the forex trading community, will be conducting a live trading session packed with valuable insights. This session is a rare opportunity...


Crypto Trading Session

Interested in seeing how the pro trade Crypto? Take a look with expert crypto investor and meme coin advisor Alex Scheffel...

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Tradelytic is Free Forever. There’s Nothing to Lose and Everything to Gain.

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Tradelytic reveals your costly mistakes, gives you laser focus on winning strategies, and shows you how to boost sustainable profits.

  • Track every aspect of your trading data with customised charts and metrics.
  • Gain insight into your decision making process so you can fine tune future trading for success.
  • Where other trading journals charge costly monthly fees for their services, Tradelytic is forever free.

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James Anderson

Tradelytic has transformed my trading routine. Its seamless MT4 integration and comprehensive trade tracking have sharpened my strategies and improved my mindset. An essential tool for serious forex traders.

Emily Thompson

I've been using Tradelytic for a few months, and it's a game-changer. The ability to journal strategies and monitor mindset alongside trade data is invaluable. It's user-friendly and incredibly effective.

Michael Johnson

Tradelytic offers a unique blend of technical and psychological tracking. Its detailed analysis of my trades and strategies has significantly improved my performance. Highly recommend for any forex trader.

Sarah Williams

As a forex trader, Tradelytic has been a revelation. It effortlessly connects to MT4, making trade logging and strategy refinement a breeze. The mindset journaling feature is a standout, offering insights that have greatly enhanced my trading discipline.

frequently asked

Why Is It Free?

Great question! Yes, we do have advertising space available in our ‘Broker Reviews’ section, which helps cover our costs and provides a modest profit. Initially, we developed this software for our own use, and since there’s no additional cost after development, we decided to share it with others!

How Do I Add My MT4 Account?

Once you create your account, you will be prompted to add your MT4 account, this will be the details that your broker provided to you, type these details in, along with your server name and then login.

Does It Work With MT5?

Not currently, we are working on adding this in the future.

Is my Data Secure?

Yes – Your details are extremely safe, Also remember these details are not your broker login details so its pointless in someone even trying to attempt to hack these, as they could never withdraw funds with just our MT4 details.

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Tradelytic is Free Forever. There’s Nothing to Lose and Everything to Gain.